La Finca Paca Inmobiliaria


alpacas grazing framed

Exclusive Agents to the Camelid Clientele

Please see our PLANS area for details about our Land for Sale

We have found it more expensive to live here in North America than back home in Peru

We need to raise some funds for a new barn and other improvements around the farm

We will be for the first time ever, entertaining offers from humans to live with us on part of our farm

Please sign up to view our permits and plans on-line

Please be Mindful that all visitors will be thoroughly inspected by Petrus and Quintus when entering the property

Please understand that this is an active alpaca farm, The security and safety of our herd is of utmost importance

Therefore there will be no unaccompanied showings at any time

Clover will schedule a time to rotate the heard to graze another pasture and allow you to view the Lot at 110 Teele Road

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One small step for Alpaca……..

Petrus Eating
Petrus grazing in the upper field.

Welcome to Nashaway Trail Alpacas. We are a small herd of alpaca out here on the frontier. We have heard from our neighbor Mr Kettle that there may be trouble with the natives. We would like to build a fortified garrison house ASAP. The garrisons in Lancaster Sudbury and Concord are too far away if Metacomet should return.

We just got our new site up please help us by spreading the word…..access your favorite smoke signal below.