I humbly request and pray that the court order the release of the previously signed and approved permits for Parcel I (3e-33) and provide time to sell the property and redeem the tax titles. The town of Bolton has been at the same time demanding payment and withholding permits preventing the sale and payment of the back taxes on my farm and homestead. The farm is composed of five lots in two towns Bolton (Worcester County) and Stow (Middlesex County). The Town of Bolton has assessed their portion of these five lots at $375,000. The total back taxes and interest are approximately $75,000. The Town of Bolton is preventing me from selling and recovering equity by withholding signed approved permits and discouraging buyers, ostensibly for the purpose of recovering back taxes. There is no risk to the town to wait until I am able to sell and recoup the excess value beyond what is owed. On the other hand I will be irreparably harmed by the loss of my farm and homestead if I am not allowed to sell and redeem. 

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