1833 Bolton Stow Marlboro Town Lines

On February 11, 1829, the land of Daniel Stratton of Marlboro was annexed to Bolton
This change does not appear to have effected the Stow-Bolton Line
Nor does it appear to have effected the Marlboro-Bolton Line. Maybe 4 years was not enough time to get the changes to the map maker

Why does Stow have that Tail?

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  1. OK so 1833
    Looks like just County Lines and County Roads

    The second map looks older what is the date?

    These maps are both pre Great Road: Meadow Road is still in use on the road to Stow Center and on to Concord we can tell by the dip to the south in Bolton and the turn to the north in what will become Maynard. The New Lancaster Road / White Pond Road is the crossing of the Assabet, Dr Wood’s/Russel’s Bridge (1715). From there on to Rice Tavern and the intersection with the Marlboro-Concord Road inside the Old Army Base

    Long Hill Road is not shown on the first map, but it is shown on the second older? map

    Is there a place where we can find when county roads were created and discontinued?

  2. The second Map shows Boxboro

    The town of Boxboro was not created until November 4, 1835

    But the district of Boxboro was created by Chapter 41 of the Acts of 1782-83

    Not sure if that helps any

  3. Why isn’t Maple Street etc. on either of these maps?

    Wilber says Samuel Bruce lived here 1769 and Abel Bush before 1690

    Is a “Country” road the same as a “County” Road?

    Maybe some of these Clerks should take an ESL Course

  4. Here’s a Sneak Peak at the Indian Plantation

    “The Indian plantation be enlarged to the most westerly bounds of the fence, now standing on the west side of the hill of planting field, called Ockoocangansett, and from thence be extended in a direct north line until they have their full quantity of 6000 acres”

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