5 Replies to “How Big is Lot 1?”

  1. Lot 1 which we are offering for sale is 3e-33 in the Bolton Assesors Map.

    It is 4.05 Acres

    We were planing on only selling the front half of this lot, but we have run into another problem. If we try to subdivide this lot we will void the Variance we already have

    Therefore we will be selling the whole 4ac. We will update the Zillow Ad to reflect this change.

  2. OK so we are going to sell Lot 1 as is – 4.05 Acres

    But What’s the deal with the frontage. The Bolton Assesors map is just not right.

    Where did the 180ft frontage number come from? and Why does it show Lot 2 as having 201 ft of frontage in Bolton.

    Please see the Variance it explains everything about the frontage issue.

    Firstly the variance is approved and provides relief from the 200ft frontage requirement. Lot 1, 3e-33 now meets the dimensional requirements for a Buildable Lot.

    Lot 1 has 210 feet of contiguous frontage however due to the town line only 168 feet is within the town of Bolton.

    Parcel 2, 4E-43 has 210 feet of frontage all in Stow

    Better get the changes made to the Zillow Ad ASAP it looks like the snow is going to melt this weekend – that means more people will be coming by to see the lot.

  3. Maybe we can lease back the back half of the lot so we still have that stream to drink from.

    Hey I heard Rondo got his Doggie Drivers Licence – but he had to get it from Stow

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