Four Barrels of Cider

Colonial Period (1739-1775)

Over the course of the eighteenth century, the Lancaster Road became of increasing importance as the main route west from Concord to Lancaster and the growing regional center at Worcester. Its section through Bolton, the northeast branch of the old Bay Path, was improved at intervals in an attempt to address problems at its many wetlands crossings and to maintain the standard of making it “so feasible as to carry, with four oxen, four barrels of cider at once.” As the town grew, the Selectmen were continually asked to lay out new roads to provide access to various parts of town, and to ease transportation to neighboring communities. A few local roads were established between dispersed farms, and connections with neighboring towns were made via the establishment of South Bolton Road and Berlin Road to the south, and Harvard and East End roads to the north.

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  1. Between 1739-1775 that “Four Barrel Rig” would have been traveling the New Lancaster Road. At first this would have been Annie Moore Road but once the center of Bolton moved north so did the road.

    Right Dr P?

  2. Yes, Thank You, Nurse C. That is Correct.

    In 1725 the town of Lancaster laid out a road for Samuell Rugg who lived on Annie Moore Road where Long Hill Road would soon cross.

    “January ye 18th 1724/5 Marked out a hiway for the Conveniance of Samuell Rugg to Com to the Contery Road …. northerly a Cross the Land of Jonathan Moors …. a Cross sum of the Land of John Moor …. from …. westpond brook” Nourse 1884

    This was the first step towards the Great Road 117 and the new County Road that would become Long Hill Road

    He had already had Moores in the Neighborhood and the Walcotts would soon join them.

  3. Well we better send Rondo up to the New Lancaster Road to fetch us a couple of Flaggons of Cider. I don’t want to wait until the 20th century for the county road to pass by the farm again.

    When was Teele Road pushed through to Bruces Pond?

  4. We are still not sure about this.

    1831 – The Bolton Map shows Long Hill Road turning the corner towards
    “The Mills” but then takes a sharp left on Stratton Road and heads out Cox Street to Sudbury.

    1875 – The Stow Map shows Maple street ending at the Hales House.

    We’ll have to check the deed to the farm, to see how far back the description says, we are on the County Road to Hudson

  5. OK the Deed Description says:
    “the new road leading through the said premises from Hudson to said Stow”

    This wording appears for the first time in 1911.
    It is not mentioned in the 1900 deed.

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