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  1. Richard More was still living with the Brewsters in 1627. He married Christian Hunter in 1636 in Plymouth, and moved very shortly thereafter to Salem. Richard More became a seaman and ship captain, and made trips to England, Nova Scotia, West Indies, Manhattan, and Virginia. In February and March 1642/3, he joined the church at Salem and baptized his children there.

  2. John Moore of Sudbury was from Essex

    Richard Moore of Plymouth and Salem was from Shropshire

    Richard’s Mother was the Moore so bastard or not they could still be related but not very closely

  3. Researchers have traced Katherine More’s ancestry back to royalty, making Richard More and his siblings the only Mayflower passengers to have a documented royal ancestry

    That Dick was a Royal Bastard

    I hope the Mayflower Society accepts my application

    My monogram is going to be JAM (Jasper Moore Alpacason)

  4. Ephraim Hildreth
    BIRTH 1655
    Chelmsford, Middlesex County, Massachusetts, USA
    DEATH 5 Apr 1731 (aged 75–76)
    Chelmsford, Middlesex County, Massachusetts, USA

    Ephraim is the son of Richard Hildreth and his second wife, Elizabeth

    He married twice:

    Dorothy Barnes -6 Feb 1663 Marlboro,marr. 11 Jun 1685, died 17 Jun 1686-Stowe.

    Anne Moore-17 Jul 1666-Lancaster, married 8 Oct 1686-Sudbury, died 8 Apr 1760-Chelmsford.

  5. These are the 12 Foundation lots of Stow 1681

    Lot No. 1-Reserved for the minister-now “Winthrop Robinson Cottage” owned by T. D. Whitney.
    Lot No. 2-Boaz Brown-later “Jekyl heirs”-back of “Hosmer” house, now Mrs. Puffer’s.
    Lot No. 3-Gershom Heald-“Joining John Buttrick’s”-Gleasondale and Sudbury line.
    Lot No. 4-John Buttrick-“Pompositticut Hill”-lands toward Concord and Sudbury.
    Lot No. 5-Ephraim Hildreth-Northwest part of the town, George Stow section.
    Lot No. 6-Thomas Stevens-Each side of “Strong Water Brook.”
    Lot No. 7-Stephen Hall-The “Old Stow” place-sold in 1669 to Boaz Brown.
    Lot No. 8 Samuel Buttrick-Lands toward Concord and Sudbury.
    Lot No. 9-Joseph Freeman-Next Gershom Heald, Sudbury line (son of John Freeman, early Sudbury
    Lot No. 10-Joseph Daby-West part of town, near lands of Stephen Hall and Ephraim Hildreth.
    Lot No. 11-Thomas Gates-Most westerly part of Stow-“Old Whitney Farm” and John Gates Peck Farm.
    Lot No. 12-Sydrack Hapgood-Over the river near Sudbury.

    It is always confusing to read old histories. This is from Crowell 1933. So when she says:

    Northwest part of the town, George Stow section is she talking about 1933 or 1681

    Northwest in 1681 is the “Stow Leg” and no one named George Stow is in the 1681 list.

  6. I’m thankfull we live in the age of the internet elephant

    All it takes is five minutes of googling to find the evidence that proves we were right all along

    We look at the world and back in time though a straw

    Can’t we all just be right all of the time?

    Happy Thanksgiving

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